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Investment Advisory Services

We deliver investment advice in five steps and we offer you a flexible complement of services to help you implement investment strategies:

Step 1 – Identify goals, risk parameters, liquidity needs and other factors that affect investment strategies.

Step 2 – Evaluate your current asset allocation and investment positions in view of the criteria established in Step 1.

Step 3 – Select a target portfolio that reflects general principles of Modern Portfolio Theory. We employ sophisticated software tools but generic data inputs are constrained by influencing factors unique to your situation.

Step 4 – Choose the most effective methods of implementing your investment policies.

Step 5 – Determine a suitable approach for evaluating performance and portfolio rebalancing timetable.

Investment Policy Statement
Important background information, influencing factors, security selection criteria, recommended asset allocation, implementation plan and rebalancing schedule are articulated in a comprehensive or executive summary Investment Policy Statement (IPS). This dynamic document provides crucial guidance to anyone who gives you investment advice.

Investment Management
Our planning consultation will include an evaluation of the many different investment management arrangements available to you. Proactive investment management through Trumbower Financial Advisors, LLC is one of the choices that you may want to consider. We are compensated for our time, regardless of how you choose to implement recommendations. We are proud of our investment management service line, but our goal is to help you find the right solution, whatever it may be.

Trumbower Financial Advisors, LLC, Registered Investment Advisor, uses Fidelity Institutional Wealth Services (FIWS) to execute securities transactions. FIWS clears all transactions through its affiliate, National Financial Services Corporation (NFSC). FIWS and NFSC are members of the NYSE, other principal exchanges and SIPC.

We will be happy to provide you with a copy of Part 2 of our form ADV, upon request. It is also available on this website.